Political Bias in the USA Media

The media must provide the correct information to the people. The charge on USA media for business is common. People claim that they affect the views of Americans. They are accused of showing only one side of the picture. Bias reporting defines the course of an event. Bias media doesn’t show right image to the people. They select the event and present it in a specific manner. Political bias is the basic feature of media. They are involved in serving the elite groups only. Political bias media supports or attacks a specific party or people. They may also support specific ideologies. Today, most media houses are private. Governments claim that they are free to work, but still they influence them. In US politics, the role of USA media is very important. In this article at TechkPost, we are going to understand the political biases of USA media.

Eye of the Beholder

The role of viewers is important in understanding media bias. Most of the time, media bias is the opinion of people. Individuals’ opinion affects their opinion about media house. If you ask people of any country about their media bias, half of them say yes. People consider media house biased because they don’t support their point. Americans are also like that. If the media supports their political party, they consider it neutral. Every news becomes biased because people do not accept it. A survey was conducted in the US to get the opinion about political bias by media from the general public.

72% republicans, and 28% of the democrats felt political bias in media (Watson, 2020). Americans are divided according to the party based politics. They stand on two opposite poles. This opposition increases hates between them. Both parties think that the opponent affects US’s reputation. Media houses may appeal to the view of one or the other party. Ignoring the opinion of viewers is not an easy task. People’s opinions need to be set aside for making decisions about media bias.

The Press Works Free

According to a dissertation help firm, the USA media is responsible for showing different pictures of an event. American law doesn’t allow anyone to limit media’s freedom. The law allows them in working freely. They can share anything they want. The law doesn’t ask them to remain unbiased. The press plays a role of opposition for the governments. It raises questions about their policies. The Press also adopts a biased approach to attract large volumes of viewers. Their business works on the viewership aspect. Every person has their own opinion.

If someone supports a vision, others may question it. The press uses this human behavior to grow its businesses. They raise conflicting points to engage a specific group of people. They may receive funds from a group that wants to spread opposite views. Media bias is not a mistake but their style is directed towards gaining more profits. Biased behavior of people is the major cause of media bias. The press works free, according to their business format. People need to leave their political poles to make the media unbiased. Otherwise, things will remain the same.


People have little knowledge about the world. Most people don’t explore the world by themselves. Political parties use USA media to make their minds. The ideas received through media affect their decisions. Media shares specific information that their minds accept without any challenge. It spreads news in a catchy way so that people can share it with the others too. Further, media shares its biased view in such a way that people perceive it as a reality. They repeat things again and again to make our minds. Media creates the meaning of the event, context, or individual in our minds.

The frame may strengthen people’s views on specific points. People stick with their opinions and reject the other party. Framing of ideas is not difficult to identify within the US. The Press shares news about inflation, market crash, and other aspects to create a negative image. People start showing concerns about the Government’s performance. They ignore the real issue and things according to the frame that is built within their minds.

Further, people ask if this framing is part of a political bias? Some people think it is a practice to attract more audience. Framing is a part of a process that leads the biased behaviors. It is not important to ask whether it is part of political bias or not. People have to be aware of it so they can see things in a realistic way.

Coverage Effect

Media makes an opinion of people about Government. It also affects elections in the US. The coverage of candidates gives them an edge over their opponents. Candidates use media to highlight issues in public. It helps in gaining support of the voters. Media gives candidates high coverage and shares their positive image with the people. They also share the views of their supporters to make the minds of others.

According to Sartor (2012), 64% of stories on USA media are about campaigns. Moreover, only 9% cover public issues. Candidates use biased media to share controversial news about their opponents. They spend a large amount of money on campaigns. They ignore the problems and focus on movements. Media bias is not going to end. People have to be cautious while using media.


The media always faces the accusation related to biased behaviors. People ignore the fact that their views affect media bias. The press with opponents always looks at the bias. People also remember that media is free to share the news. US law doesn’t ask the USA media to remain unbiased. Media bias can also be their strategy to gain more viewers. Media changes the views of people. They are framing the news within their minds. They also affect election campaigns of the US. Media bias is not easy to exclude from the US political system. People have to be aware of these before showing their political affiliation.

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