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Dryer Stopped Working Mid Cycle? Here’s How You Can Fix It

When you turn on your dryer, you can be confident that once the cycle ends, you’ll have dry clothes. But what happens if you start a dryer mid cycle, but it never completes? That means there’s a problem that needs a solution. If your dryer stopped working mid cycle, there are a couple of possible reasons to look for. Although some issues take little to no effort to fix, it’s better to call a professional technician for inspection.

The device is overheating.

If the dryer stops, mid-cycle is uncommon and shouldn’t go unchecked. It could be dangerous if ignored. The most common culprit of the dryer not working could be because it’s overheated. It happens due to a safety mechanism that turns off the dryer if there is a fire hazard. What happens is that the thermal fuse breaks, turning off the dryer. Force starting it could be dangerous.

Fortunately, the thermal fuse is a disposable item, meaning changing it will fix the issue. Otherwise, the dryer may not start or start but will operate without heat. Regardless, since it is a disposable part, it is easily accessible near the exhaust hose. Of course, you also need to find out what is causing the overheating problem.

Usually, there could be some lint stuck somewhere. So have the lint filter cleaned and emptied before each use.

Problems of condenser and condenser trays

Some owners do not have a shared dry dryer. Instead, they have models without a condenser, which is also a kind of condenser system.

We know that humidity produced by clothes dries in regular condensers. But in this model, since there are no vents to eliminate moist air, the condenser tray collects it. The condensing system can stop if the tray is full, overflowed or blocked. It is another reason the dryer keeps shutting off mid-cycle.

Here, you must check once a month if the condenser has any issues or if the tray is full or not. Simply rinsing off the condenser can fix this problem. However, you can call a professional for help if you can’t find your dryer’s condenser tray.

The power supply is defective.

A good instinct would suggest a motor issue if your dryer stops in the middle of a dryer mid cycle. But, before any conclusions, you might want to check the power cable and see:

  • Is it completely inserted into the socket?
  • Does the cable seem to be in good condition?

If you find cuts or breaks anywhere on the cable, replace it. If you see an issue in the socket, have it checked and fixed. It’s also possible that the backup or power switch has triggered it to stop working.

Since this problem involves electricity, Dryer Vent Cleaning in Roswell, GA, recommends getting professional assistance.

Opening doors during the cycle

Make sure no one opens the door during the dryer mid cycle. Most dryers have a locking mechanism that doesn’t allow anyone to open its door. Some modes have a braking mechanism that stops the motor if you open the dryer door.

When facing this issue, make sure to check if the safety mechanism is working or not. Usually, the braking could jam, keeping the motor from running again. For this kind of problem, there could be a short circuit breaking the mechanism wire. Check that, or have a professional have a crack at it.

For the locking system, the lock could break. For that, replace it with a new one. If the lock is fine, there could be an issue with the door too. In worst cases, the door needs replacing. Have a specialist see how to fix it.

One hardest part in fixing it is if the power cable that leads to the machine has issues. According to some Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Roswell GA services, checking the cable needs a specialist. You don’t want to go in and damage the rest of the wires. Not only that, the switches that trigger functions may have the issue. Having it inspected by a professional is better than performing a DIY yourself. The reason is that those switches are hard to find and replace. It’s because models today have a single board panel that needs replacement to fix one issue.

Defective dryer motor

There are a few signs that you can be sure you have a faulty dryer motor. When an engine breaks down, it gets hotter than normal. This excessive heat build-up causes the motor overload protection to kick in, and the dryer stops working mid-cycle.

Most of the time, the engine will restart after a while to cool down. At some point, it won’t start, no matter how much it has cooled down. Another sign that the motor is cutting out is if you stop the dryer while running and turn it on again. You only hear a buzz, but the motor doesn’t turn. Normally, your dryer should turn on a bottom press, but that doesn’t happen here. Moreover, the hum worsens once the motor wears out, and the dryer keeps shutting off mid-cycle.

Thermal fuse dryer

It’s a small thermostat that tells the dryer that the fan is cool enough and should keep running. However, in the case of heating or extra airflow, the fan gets hot. If it gets too hot, the thermal fuse cuts off the power supply to the motor and switches off the dryer. It is to prevent a fire or to burn your clothes. If the thermal fuse blows, it indicates that there is a problem that needs fixing. Have a service like Dryer Vent Cleaning in Roswell, GA, a quick inspection and fixing if needed.

Clogged dryer fan wheel

The function of the dryer fan is to push out the air through the dryer to the rear ventilation opening. The dryer fan connects directly to the motor shaft. If you leave something stuck to your clothes when you put them in the dryer, it clogs the blower housing. The object prevents the fan from rotating and, of course, the motor from rotating. It can happen at any time during a drying cycle. One way to check is to open the door and try spinning the tumble dryer. If you can’t turn it in by hand, you probably have an obstacle. To do this, you need to disassemble the dryer and remove everything stuck in the case. Find your local Air Duct Repair and Replacement in Roswell, GA, for disassembling and cleaning as necessary.

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