Guide your Child to Set These Goals to Achieve Success in Future

Being a counselor, I encounter lots of parents who come due to over anxiety for their children these days. According to parents, ‘We are extremely worried about our children whether he can get back to his previous educational performance or not after lock-down.’ Well, most of the parents are in tension about bringing back their children to the previous state of the pre-lock-down era. 

Now, I suggest they stay calm and set some goals in front of their children. But the task of parents does not end up here. Rather from here, the journey begins. Parents should inspire their children to achieve that set goals. Only when a child can achieve that goal within a specific time can parents also achieve success with their children. 

Making your children learn how to set goals and inspiring them to achieve them requires a good amount of patience. So, guide your child first what are the important goals and how to set them. 

Important factors before setting goals 

Certainly, the goal changes from age to age. If your child is only 5 years old, his goal will be completely different from that of a high school goer. Therefore, to guide your children while setting goals, being a parent, one should know what the necessary parameters are. 

Consider your kid’s age. Based on his age, you should select suitable goals for him. 

Look out for the strengths in your child. For instance, whether your child is good at painting, dancing, or studying, you must note that. 

Do not forget to find out the weakness of your child. It is very important to find out exact weaknesses even before strength. This is because weakness is something on which your child needs to work more. Only after that he can drive out such weakness. 

Memorising power also come under these important parameters. If your child can’t memorise a lesson for a long time, then surely he needs to follow a different goal. A specific one that will encourage him to improve his memorising power.  

Leadership quality is also taken under consideration. If your child is introverted and unable to open up like other children, leadership quality is far from his grab. But this is something that every child must possess. Therefore, based on your kid’s leadership quality, you must set a goal for him. 

The 2 most important goals every child must set 

  • Education goal  

Learning is a process that can hardly end. But there is a specific beginning time. The time of beginning education is childhood days. Parents must inspire their children to plan a goal so that they can improve in education. 

 During childhood, it is very common that your kids may write slow or be unable to copy fast or even read the storybook fluently. In such a condition, only setting goals and different milestones can keep him on track. Make him identify his flaws and ask him to tell us possible ways to achieve those goals. 

 This is very common that he can’t answer exactly what he must do. However, at the end of his answer make he learn how to solve those problems. As per the solution, create 3 or 4 milestones within the frequent interval. Both of you should follow those ways and make sure that the kid achieves milestones one by one. 

 If you think it is impossible for you to take care of your child whether he is meeting the goal or not, then hire a private tutor. Do not worry about the fund, as you can easily arrange it by applying for guaranteed loans for the unemployed online

  • Good habit goals 

 At the very initial stage, you must encourage your children to practice only good habits. However, in most of the cases, I have seen parents fail. This is because they failed to create discrimination between good habits and bad habits. As a result, children are unable to follow only good habits. 

 Therefore, while you need to make your child learn good habits and set goals so that he can never repeat bad habits, you need to be a little tricky. Start this particular goal with a discriminatory factor. Ask the child to prepare a chart where he will write both good habits in a spate para and bad habits in another para. 

 Now, ask him to tick which of these habits he usually practice. Make him tick all those. At this point, it will become clear for your child which one he should practice and which one should not. Create milestones and ask him to follow them within the frequent timeline. 

Ways to inspire them to achieve goals 

  • Being with a short term one 

 While setting a goal, you must remember that there are two types of it: short and the other are long. To make your child learn the joy of achieving the goal, being a parent begins with a short term goal. On the one hand, it will fulfil your child’s target and, on the other hand, inspire him to achieve long-term goals. 

  • Slowly shift towards long term goals 

 Always remember, you are making your child learn how to achieve goals. In such a scenario, you must not lose patience. When the kid achieves one by one milestone of short term goals, now the time comes for achieving long term ones. 

 A long term goal will be being first in the class or being best in sports etc. There is no doubt to achieve such a goal. One needs to work throughout the year. Therefore, keeping his focus on long term ones continuously inspires him by setting short term goals. The more he will achieve, the more he will get enthusiasm. 

  • Do not demotivate 

In due course of time, your child may fail to achieve a milestone. During that time, you should not scold him or de-motivate him. Rather, you must console him and inspire him so that he will not give up. 

Life lessons are very important during setting goals and pushing them towards success. So, being a parent, your responsibility is very important. 


Setting and achieving goals is important. But to make your child learn how to set goals and achieve them, perhaps it plays a more vital role.

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