How To Keep Books Safe and In A Good Condition

If you’re someone who likes reading, you may have a vast library in your home. Whether it is a school, home or office, as a library expands in size, you might consider securing your books like other precious things.

However, books are susceptible to damage, and if not properly stored, their condition can be compromised. Are you unsure of how to keep books safe and in good condition? Check out this blog for helpful suggestions. 

Portable Book Scanner

is a modern and innovative way to keep your books ‘content safe for a lifetime. This is a device that can be used for scanning books, documents and other important papers. The scanned data remains stored in your digital library, where it is safe and easy to access anytime.  

We will assist you with practical and effective ideas on how to keep books safe. These ideas will help you organize your books around your house, school, office, or other places.

Place Books In Vertical Position

When putting your books into your storage containers, place them vertically with the edges of the paper facing upwards. This helps maintain the shape of the book by letting the books support one another. Be careful not to stick too many books in one box as it could damage books. 

Proper shelving

The following practical way on how to Keep books safe is keeping them on proper shelving. 

Since books are so trustworthy and informative, we have to keep them safe and in good condition. If you’re looking to protect your books, invest in shelves. The boxes may appear to be more affordable, but they increase your books’ chance of being damaged.

You must ensure that the books won’t fall. When something is dropped, it could be damaged. Find the perfect shelving that keeps the books in a neat place.

Use a Book Scanner

You can ensure your precious books and documents are in a safe place after using a book scanner device. Check out the Czur Book Scanner, which is a portable device to scan books and documents. This device stores content in different formats, including JPG, PDF, TIFF, Word, Excel etc. 

This is a new and modern way to keep your books’ content secure and easy to access for a lifetime. 

Keep Books Away From Sunlight

Light can eat your books’ cover and strength. Bookshelves set next to the window won’t just receive direct sunlight, but they’ll get warmer faster. The heat isn’t ideal for books either. Set your shelves far from windows or ensure that your library has blackout curtains or sun-blocking shades.

How To Keep Books Safe From Pests And Rats?

A cooler temperature can indeed hinder insects, and the proper humidity can reduce mold and fungus, but what is the case with rats? Rats and pests can pose an imminent danger to your library. There’s nothing worse than reading an unfinished book chewed up by a rat on the corner.

There is an effective method to stop mice and pests from accessing your books. Soak cotton balls with mint and place the cotton in locations where mice might go. Rats and pests keep themselves away from the mint; hence they will not come near your books. 

Use Book Covers

How to keep books safe with their covers?

If you have essential books in your office or home and want to secure them for your entire life. There are many excellent care options for organising your books into boxes. However, we would recommend that the most valuable collection of books should be wrapped with their own book covers. You can purchase fantastic book dust jackets that keep books neat and clean. The act of wrapping your book between its own dust covers ensures that your collection will be secure for a long time.

Don’t Leave Water And Food Particles On Books

It’s not uncommon to drink or eat during reading. However, food or liquid drops that are left on a book could damage it. If you place the book in storage that was exposed to water or food, the possibility of mildew or mold could develop and spread throughout your collection of books. To prevent your books from becoming damaged, make sure that they are kept clean before storage.

Use Small Boxes For Packing

The storage of books in large containers can make your containers heavy and challenging to manage. In addition, it is challenging to locate a specific book if all of them are kept together. The best way to store books is to put them in new cardboard or plastic boxes limited to 10-15 books per box. We suggest sorting them in the top alphabetical order so that you can always identify what box is home to a specific collection of books. Small boxes are lightweight, sturdy, and the most efficient way to keep the books safe. 


How to keep books safe from dust when dust jackets are ineffective?

Dust jackets aren’t explicitly designed to protect books against dust. In fact, dusting is an excellent method to store your books. It might seem like a bit of a hassle. However, it can help keep your books in excellent condition.

This will prevent dust from getting caught in the gaps between pages. Dust is so microparticles that even vacuums won’t remove them all. It’s a reminder that whenever you do dust and decide to vacuum, use the brush attachment to ensure you don’t lose some pages. 

Inspect Your Books

The most damaging thing you can do is store books for a long time and not think about them. Create a reminder on your calendar or phone to inspect the books storage bins. If you find damage, it’s best to fix it the right way to protect your books.

Make Sure To Turn Pages With Care

Pages are subject to natural degradation as time passes, and they can become highly fragile or even brittle. Be cautious when turning pages; otherwise, unwanted tears, wrinkles, dimples, and tears can appear on books. 

Reading with two hands can make sure that the binding and pages aren’t being overly stressed. If reading a book using both hands feels uncomfortable due to its fragility or size, put the book on the table or put it on your lap.

Do not bend the covers of your paperbacks while reading. It isn’t easy to return them to their original shape, and it frequently causes damage to the spine.

We hope you have some great ideas on how to keep books safe. We will keep updating you with such informative and useful content. If you have any query in your mind you can comment below in the comment section. 

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