4 Easy Ways to Make Your Internet Connection Faster

Everyone wants to speed up their internet connection. There is a lot of content available online on this topic. However, a lot of this advice is not always useful. Many of these solutions are either fake or are technically not feasible.

In this blog, we will provide you with some easy and practical solutions to make your internet faster. Read on to learn more!

Mind Your Data Limit

Data limits are a prime cause of slow internet. Most ISPs do not advertise the data limit they offer to their users. Having a low data limit will mean you will often experience poor internet speed.

You can only use a limited amount of data every month, even if your provider claims it is offering unlimited data. Once this data limit is exceeded, your provider will start lowering your bandwidth, which will result in a slower internet experience. The drop in speed will be hard not to notice.

Check your internet bill to see if your connection comes with a data limit. If you have indeed exceeded your monthly data cap, ask your ISP to offer you a package with an enhanced data limit.

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Periodically Reset Your Router

Your internet router works like any other machine or electronic gadget. It needs to be given a break from time to time. Restart your router periodically. Usually doing this activity once a month should suffice. However, if your slow internet problem persists, then you might want to restart your router on a weekly or daily basis.

The same applies to your modem as well. Resetting your modem will refresh your internet connection. Doing this activity regularly will help you enjoy the internet speed that is advertised by your provider for the plan that you have purchased. It is a fairly simple fix and is something that you can do easily.


Change the Position of Your Router

As long as you are using a device that is connected to Wi-Fi, the position of your router will heavily determine your internet experience. Place your router strategically so that all areas of your house get a strong Wi-Fi signal. If you are living alone, place your router in the room where you spend most of your time. When there are multiple users, it is best to place your router in the center of your home and on the floor where your family spends the most time. Try keeping your router closer to the roof.

Use Ethernet Cables Wherever Possible

These days, all our devices have Wi-Fi capability. There is no denying that Wi-Fi is convenient. As long as you are within range of your router, you can carry your device anywhere. However, Wi-Fi signals are not always fast. A wired connection will always be faster than Wi-Fi. The signals transmitted by a Wi-Fi device get blocked by walls and other obstructions like TV, closets, etc. With an Ethernet cable, your device will have a direct connection to the internet which will make it faster than a wireless connection.

Use a wired connection whenever it is possible, especially for heavy data applications such as internet TV, streaming videos, and gaming. A wired connection is also more secure than Wi-Fi. It will prevent the possibility of unauthorized access as no potential hacker in your neighborhood will be able to connect to your network unlike with Wi-Fi where there is a possibility of hacking the internet password.

Summing Up

A faster internet experience can benefit all of us. It can result in great time savings and can help keep us relaxed while we are using the internat. Hopefully, the tips mentioned here will help you enhance your internet experience.

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