How to Install Soft Faux Locs

Soft faux locs are the most protective style for natural hair. The extra weight and tension caused by the styling may harm the hair. Moreover, excessive tension can weaken the roots of the strands, making them prone to breakage. Also, excessive tension can weaken the edges of the strands, making them more prone to breakage. If you want to get a beautiful look for your hair, you should learn how to create soft locs.

The best way to achieve a soft loc look is to weave natural crochet hair into a braid or bun. There are many ways to install a crochet loc, but the most popular technique is to wrap each individual piece. This method creates a smoother, more natural look. A spring twist is another technique that is used to achieve a dramatic faux loc look. If you want to try the crochet loc style, you can unwind your braid and add more natural crochet hair to the base of the knot.

Once you’ve chosen the soft loc hairstyle, you can begin the installation process. Usually, you will need 4-5 packs for a full head, but you may need as many as seven for thick hair. If you’d prefer a more natural look, you can unravel the crochet loc first. Then, you can begin wrapping the hair around the base of the crochet loc using a passion twist or spring twist. Alternatively, you can start a new crochet loc and wrap the rest of the hair around it. This will create a more dramatic and voluminous faux loc.

Soft faux locs are generally installed in three different ways. You can use a crochet loc or a passion twist to make it more natural-looking. The first way will give you a more smooth, soft loc look. The second method is to unravel the crochet loc. Finally, you can wrap hair around the base of the crochet loc. This will give you a more dramatic faux loc look. Once you have your locs in place, you can use a flat iron to make them as flexible as possible.

If you are using soft locs, you must ensure that they are clean. The hairstyle will need to be refreshed a few times a week, and you can do it yourself with an easy-to-follow regimen. A soft loc hairstyle should not require a lot of maintenance. Just make sure to rinse it thoroughly, and you should be fine. If you use your own products, you should also use oil to massage the scalp and leave-in conditioner to keep it moisturized.

As with any hairstyle, it is important to take care of your hair when you wear soft faux locs. You don’t need to shampoo your hair every day while it’s in place, but you should wash it once or twice a week. A sulfate-free shampoo will work well for your locks and will help prevent breakage. Aside from applying conditioner, you should also rinse your hair thoroughly to avoid damaging the style.

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