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Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Awesome Articles by Au Chat Kwan

A good article includes a list of steps that describe each stage of the process in detail until it is completed. Au Chat Kwan , as a freelance writer,  has offered some guidelines for creating good articles. Let’s take a look at the steps in detail;  

Pick a Topic.

Find a topic about which you know a fair amount and decide on a certain component to emphasize in your article. For example,  if you’re a successful small business owner, you may create an article on how to launch a small business. A subject you are knowledgeable about or are enthusiastic about will not only result in quality writing, but will also keep you interested in the subject while you write about it.

Recognize Your Audience. 

The primary reason that your audience visits your post or blog site is to learn how to accomplish anything. So  if a teenager finds your post, it could not be beneficial if it uses too many complex words that they don’t understand. It’s important to keep the reader’s attention and make your writing easier to understand by changing your style to fit the audience you’re writing to.

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Research the topic.

Spend a lot of time collecting as much data as you can. You want your readers to believe what they are reading. Even if you already know about a subject, citing reliable sources that back up what you say can help others see you as an expert in your field.

Describe Your Process.

You can better arrange your ideas and maintain order in your process by writing a rough early draft of how your primary points will be presented. Before you begin the real writing, outlining will assist in deciding on your tone and which steps require more details. Put as much information as you can down without worrying about the word count just yet. When you go over it to create your stages later, you’ll get a sense of which sections need to be simplified and divided into bullet points since they contain too much information.

Maintain Simplicity.

The reader will become lost in confusion if you over explain or include irrelevant material. Effective article writing requires condensing your solution from the beginning to the last sentence. This is especially true if your steps aren’t presented in any particular order. You must make the process simple to understand and follow for the reader.

Be Open and friendly.

A skilled writer will adopt a tone that is supportive and confident rather than arrogant and rude. No reader likes to be talked down to, regardless of their background. You want the audience to follow you throughout by having faith in your knowledge of the subject.

Try it out.

Your article will be a wonderful article only if it works. If possible, get several people to testify for your process and test your own steps to ensure that your article works. You may make sure what you’ve written is accurate by having more than one person follow each step, duplicate the instructions, and test their validity. If you can provide the necessary information clearly enough, you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy source  and attract readers for your subsequent articles.

Au Chat Kwan as a freelance writer

Au Chat Kwan is an outstanding freelance writer. Au Chat  Kwan has years of experience in the field and is an expert in a variety of writing styles. He has started writing in the same style as well-known authors like J.K. Rowling. His writing accomplishments include a wide range of genres, and one of his novels even received the prestigious title of New York Times Bestseller.

Au Chat Kwan, on the other hand, adheres to the notion that learning may be accomplished while having fun. Au Chat Kwan makes learning so much more enjoyable by criticizing rote learning for its monotonous and repetitive nature. As for ways to increase vocabulary and understanding, he advises reading books, watching television, and even listening to music.

He supports people of all ages in their freelance writing journeys by drawing on his years of experience in the writing industry. Freelance writing has been simpler thanks to Kwan’s entertaining and unique ideas and his belief in education through entertainment. 

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