Why Does My Maytag Refrigerator Make Noise?

The typical sounds of a working refrigerator are so familiar that they fade into the background. So much so that sudden loud noises can scare you. What is that noise coming from your Maytag refrigerator? When the refrigerator is running, a loud vibrating sound can come from a loose drain pan.

Is your peace still disturbed by a noisy refrigerator? In particular, if your Maytag refrigerator makes a loud humming noise, a faulty compressor may be to blame. Make an appointment with a qualified fridge technician by calling your nearest appliance repair service center. Find out the cause of your Maytag refrigerator noise and how to fix it using these troubleshooting tips.  

How to Stop a Noisy Maytag Refrigerator

Sometimes a single faulty component can cause a lot of noise. We’ll discuss a few typical component problems that often cause noise in a Maytag refrigerator. 

Maytag refrigerator noises that are typical

Despite operating more quietly than ever before, Maytag refrigerators are not fully silent. During routine use, the majority of refrigerators emit a range of noises.

A typical sound with a refrigerator includes:

  • Rattling or vibrating This may happen while the cooling system’s refrigerant or water circulates through the water lines.
  • The doors may be squeaking or grinding when they open because they are rubbing against a cabinet or enclosure.
  • As the water line is being filled, there may be a thudding or hammering sound.
  • All of these noises signal proper operation, but if they suddenly become louder or more frequent, they could potentially be signs of a problem. In certain situations, the following component in a Maytag refrigerator that is producing noises could be broken.

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Unstable Drain Pan

The loud vibrating sound coming from the Maytag refrigerator is often caused by a loose drain pan. Condensation from defrosting collects in this pan, which is secured under the refrigerator and gradually evaporates. When the refrigerator is running, the pan may start to vibrate loudly if it loosens. The vibration should stop if you tighten the pan fasteners. To find out how to remove the pallet on your particular type of refrigerator, refer to the owner’s manual.

Fridge Fan Motor Problem

Does your refrigerator make a squealing sound when it is running? It could be caused by a problem with the condenser or evaporator fan motors. As the refrigerant circulates through the different areas of the refrigerators, both fans are cooling the refrigerators. Locating the sound will help determine which fan is malfunctioning.

How to identify problems with fan motors is as follows:

  • Evaporator fan: When the refrigerators door is open, noise levels increase.
  • Condenser fan: The refrigerator’s base or back is making noise.
  • The refrigerators feels warm inside or is unable to keep its temperature.

Either fan should be examined to see whether it is blocked or if the motor shows continuity when tested with a multimeter. While impediments can be removed to reduce noise, a broken fan blade or malfunctioning motor necessitates a replacement.

Water Inlet Valve Problems

Problems with the water supply valve are usually the cause of the knocking noise a Maytag refrigerators makes. To allow water from the water supply to flow into the refrigerators to create water and ice, this valve opens and closes. The inside of the valve can become clogged with minerals or silt over time, or its electrical controls can stop working. In such a situation, the valve may knock during operation. In addition, ice and water production may decrease.

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