Small Monitor for PC and Other Work from Home Must-Haves

If you’re working from home, having the right equipment can make all the difference.

One of the most important things to have in your home office is a computer monitor. You will need this to work efficiently.  If you have a small workstation, get a small monitor. Here are must-haves for home offices:

A Good Chair and Desk

A comfortable chair is crucial for staying healthy while working at home. If you have back problems or need support in any way, look for ergonomic chairs that have lumbar support and armrests on both sides (not just one side).

Make sure that your chair fits properly under your desk so you don’t have to stoop over while using it; this can cause back pain down the road.

A Desk

You might be surprised to hear this, but you’ll need a desk for your home office. There are lots of ways to make this happen; from using an old kitchen table or a folding table at a garage sale to buying a new one.

 Just make sure it’s big enough for your computer and paperwork and don’t forget about the room for all those pens.

A Small Monitor

If you have a small workstation, then it makes sense to buy a small monitor so that you can fit it in your workstation or on top of your desk.

Small Computer Monitor Size

 The size of these monitors is usually between 11 to 15 inches. This is a great choice if you want to get an extra screen or if you want to create dual screens. Most of the time, people find these monitors very useful because they are also easy to carry around.

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A Monitor Stand

 You don’t want your monitor taking up half your desk space while you’re trying to type up an essay or respond to emails. A monitor stand allows you to position your screen at eye level and even tilt it slightly so that glare is reduced if necessary.

Good Lighting 

Lighting matters when working from home because it affects your mood and productivity levels. When it comes to lighting, there are two key things to remember: natural light and brightness control.

Natural Light

Natural light provides vitamin D (a mood booster), while bright lights can make us feel more alert and focused by mimicking sunlight exposure which helps us stay awake when we’re feeling sleepy.


In addition to natural light coming through windows or skylights, consider adding lamps or other sources of artificial light as well for those times when you need extra brightness control or a boost of vitamin D.


 A filing cabinet or storage unit will give you an easy way to store important documents or simply organize things like printer paper and pens so they don’t get lost in piles on the floor.

You’ll also want to make sure there’s enough space in this cabinet or unit to expand when needed because it’s likely to fill up quickly.


It doesn’t have to be a fancy new laptop or desktop computer. You can use your existing computer, but you may need extra software or accessories for it. If you have a newer smartphone or tablet with a large screen, that could work as well.

Internet Connection

You’ll need access to the Internet so you can communicate with clients and colleagues around the world. You don’t need high-speed Internet; just something that’s fast enough to do basic tasks like sending emails and surfing web pages without too much trouble.

Phone Line

If you’re going to be working closely with clients, they will expect you to have some sort of phone service so they can reach you directly when they need help with their websites or other projects.

While some people get by using their cell phones for everything, others prefer having a separate landline number for business purposes only.

A Quiet Room

Having a dedicated space for work is essential for staying productive at home. Find a room where there won’t be distractions or interruptions and make it off limits to children, pets, and visitors during your work hours.

 If possible, choose a room that has natural light so that you can get up from your desk every once in a while to get some exercise or fresh air.

A Good Printer and Scanner

 A printer is important so that you can print out invoices and labels. A scanner is also important so that you can save time by scanning documents instead of typing them into your computer.

An External Hard Drive

Having an external hard drive to back up your computer saves a lot of stress when something goes wrong.

 You should be backing up all of your important files on a regular basis, but if something happens to your computer and it’s not backed up, then it could be devastating to your business.


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