What is PICME Login User ID? | How to Download PICME PDF Form?

If you want to access the PICME Login database, you should first register. You can register online by following the steps below. To register, enter your PICME User ID and password. After that, you should select the time slot you want to apply for. Then, click the submit button. A PICME acknowledgement will be sent to your email and mobile number. Once you have done this, you can start downloading the PICME pdf form.

PICME Status 2021

The PICME registration process requires you to provide an Aadhaar number. It takes some time before you receive it. You can also check the PICME Login status 2021 online. Once you have received the PICME User ID, download the PICME PDF form. Then, you can complete your registration. Once you have submitted the form successfully, you will receive your RCH ID. You will receive various benefits from PICME once you are a registered user.

PICME Registration

You can register with PICME if you are pregnant. You should register as soon as you realize your pregnancy. The PICME User ID will give you access to a variety of RCH Yojana services. The PICME User ID can be obtained in one of two ways: visiting your nearest government hospital or primary health care or by using the online registration form.

If you are unable to register online, you can still do it manually at any government hospital. Another method is to call the Toll-Free number 102 and select the option for PICME registration. There is no fee for this method and you can register without visiting the hospital. It is a fast and easy process. You can download the PICME Pdf form by following these steps.

Birth Certificate

Registering with PICME is mandatory for pregnant women and new mothers. The program helps women register from conception until they receive their certificate of New Born. Married women are encouraged to enroll in the program, and can do so even if they have two children. Once they have a PICME registration, they can obtain their birth certificate in a matter of days. A nurse will then monitor their pregnancy for a few days and notify them of the baby’s arrival.

PICME Login – How to Log in to PICME Online

To access PICME online, you must first sign up for an account. You will have to provide your PICME application ID and mobile number. After that, you will be asked to verify your mobile number. Once you do, the system will generate a PICME registration application ID and generate an OTP to authenticate it. Now, you can login to PICME to check the status of your application and other information.

You can check your PICME account balance by logging in to the portal using your user id and password. Once you have logged in, you can see if there are any outstanding payments. You can also check the status of your RCH ID with the help of this login. You can even change your address if you want to change it later. PICME also has a support service available to answer your queries.


After you have signed up, you must verify your RCH ID by entering your PICME number. This will generate your username and password for the PICME login process. Once you have verified your PICME number with the RCH ID, you will be provided with a green health card. This card is required to be presented to healthcare providers during the delivery process. You can use this card to get a birth certificate from the hospital or to visit health centers.

To complete the PICME registration process, you must first register. You will have to provide your email and mobile number in order to receive notifications about your upcoming appointment. You will also need to enter your OTP or captcha code. You will then receive a PICME number with 12 digits. Within a month, the nearest health care authority will contact you about the appointment. This is a secure and convenient way to make your PICME registration.

Local Government or Primary Health Care Center

To access your PICME registration, you can log in to your account through the Tamil Nadu State Government’s portal. Alternatively, you can get registered through your local government or primary health care center. To register, you must provide your name and address. To register, you must also have a registered mobile number and email address. Then, you must select the administrative unit you live in, and choose the date and time you will visit a VHN.

If you’re looking to register for the PICME scheme, you can visit the official website for details and instructions. The website allows you to easily pre-register and track the rates of Infant and Maternal Mortality across TN. You will need your PICME number to register for your appointments, and you will receive your RCH ID shortly after completing your registration. Once you’ve registered, you can use your RCH ID to access various government services.

Pregnant women can register for PICME through the portal once they realize they are pregnant. After registering for PICME, your local nurses will monitor you during the antenatal stage, uploading documents to the official software is easy and convenient. After completing the registration process, expectant mothers will also be able to receive their newborn’s birth certificate. By providing their RCH ID to the birth certificate, you will be able to get a birth certificate for your child.

Primary Health Centres

Despite these advantages, the PICME system has its downsides. While this system is theoretically efficient, data entry and storage is still an arduous process. In many rural communities, power outages last for 10 hours or more and internet connections are poor. As a result, Primary Health Centres usually only have one computer, which isn’t enough for most purposes. The Village Health Nurses who are responsible for data entry must travel to a nearby town or internet cafe to download the form. This method puts significant pressure on health workers, which isn’t sustainable.


If you’re planning to register with PICME, you’ll want to register with the website. Registration is free, and you’ll receive a monthly report that will help your doctor evaluate your health. You’ll also receive a PICME User ID, which will make it easier for them to send you your data. Having a PICME account can be helpful for keeping track of your pregnancy.

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