The Best Fielders Of 2021 T20 World Cup

In the world of the T20 format, fielding skills are vital for any player to get a chance to play eleven of any team. As in this format, batters are always trying to attack by hitting fours and sixes, and it is the fielders have to be on their feet every time to restrict the batters from scoring freely. In the early days saving a boundary by attempting a full stretch dive by any fielder was considered a luxury, but now it has become a regular habit for any player on the field. 

Saving the boundaries near the boundary rope or saving a six by stretching your whole body has now become quite regular for players or viewers watching cricket regularly. The T20 format not only brings a revolution in batting skills but the fielding skill also sees drastic changes in this modern limited overs era. 

World Cup is where players have to give their full efforts in all the sections to make their team the number one in the world. That is why this article discusses the best fielders of every team in the 2021 T20 World Cup. 

  1. Glenn Maxwell From Australia

Australia is a team with 4-5 top fielders in their every playing eleven. Players like Steve Smith and David Warner can field anywhere, along with Mitchell Starc, who is known for his missile-like arm to throw balls. Even the Australian captain Aaron Finch has a good pair of hands to take some unbelievable catches within the circle. Glenn Maxwell is the one who possesses the excellent skill of fielding in the entire eleven. 

Maxwell is so agile that he can place himself anywhere on the ground as a fielder. During the powerplays, his full dive efforts to save boundaries, especially in the backward point region, are nothing but exceptional. When it comes to catching at the slip position, he is just brilliant. He takes some unexpected catches near the boundary line during the death overs to save the team from boundaries and sixes. To date, Maxwell has taken 14 catches from his 20 T20 World Cup matches. 

The 2021 T20 World Cup was no different for him as he did exceptionally not in the fielding area, but he has contributed to the team by both batting and bowling performances. His all-rounder performances have helped the team win the first-ever T20 World Cup trophy. 

  1. Ravindra Jadeja From India

Several top-class fielders in the team India squad can field in any position on the ground. The spectacular ex-captain of the Indian cricket team, Virat Kohli, can keep up with the long-off and long-on region glued along with Hardik Pandya and Rohit Sharma. Rohit Sharma, the present captain, acts as a barrier lurking in the corners of the 30-yard circle. Even players like Shreyas Iyer and Suryakumar Yadav are pretty good fielders. They can too field at any position for the team, but all of them who field like a dart on the ground are Ravindra Jadeja.

The most talented all-rounder of team India, Jadeja can throw the ball accurately, aiming the stums from anywhere on the field, making him one of the best fielders in the Indian team. He is the fastest fielder with the most agile body, which helps to grab any ball from any position, and that is why he has the record of making the most run-outs by any Indian player. 

With quality batting down the order, bowling for the team in several tense situations and being the most agile fielder on the ground, Jadeja is a complete package; he cannot be missed from any playing eleven. The 2021 T20 World Cup was also pretty good for Jadeja as a fielder, but he could not perform well enough as a batter or a bowler, and his team could not qualify for the semis. 

  1. Martin Guptill From New Zealand

New Zealand is a team known for producing some of the best fielders worldwide. Brendon McCullum was the epitome of fielding in his era for the New Zealand team, and he inspired many young crickets of his country to become an agile fielders like him in the future. It is infrequent to see any New Zealander dropping a catch or missing any run-out chance in a match. 

If we try to find the best fielder in New Zealand in this era, there are many names, but no one can overcome the fielding prowess of Martin Guptill. From running out MS Dhoni of India in the semi-final match of the 2019 World Cup to taking some of the most challenging catches on his home soil, where grounds are pretty small, and there are breezes all around, Martin Guptill is a sheer legend in the fielding department. 

34 year Guptill is pretty old now, but still, he is the most agile and fit fielder in the New Zealand squad, and to date, he does not hesitate to take any catch meters away from him by diving or to throw his body toward the ball. To date, he played almost 277 matches in the T20 format, where he took 165 catches, which makes him a great fielder. In his 28 T20 World Cup matches, he took 19 catches in total in his career. 

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  1. David Miller From South Africa

In the South African cricket team, there is hardly any player who lacks the quality of good fielding. All their pace bowlers like Anrich Nortje, Kagiso Rabada and Lungi Ngidi are also pretty good fielders, along with their captain Temba Bavuma who is quite efficient as a fielder in the 30-yard circle. If we have to select a particular name which is exceedingly a good fielder than all, then David Miller is the name. 

For years he proved that he is the safest fielder near the boundary ropes as he can take some brilliant catches there that many cannot even think of. Especially during the death overs, taking the sky-high catches is very difficult, but David Miller quickly takes these catches. Not only catches, but he is also among the best in saving boundaries because he runs pretty fast, and his body is pretty agile to make complete dives easily. In his career, he has taken 223 catches only in the T20 format, which further proves how safe he is as a fielder. 

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