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The specialist in web writing for real estate: an essential

The real estate web editor is a real card to play for professionals in the sector who wish to improve their online reputation. It has certainly not escaped your notice that the digital world is gaining ground. Also, in 2022, pampering your network visibility is no longer even an option. You have understood that the website of your agency or your notarial firm must be well referenced on Google. This is to increase traffic and therefore achieve more transactions. Only here, although you’re negotiating skills are no longer to be proven, the b of your content calls on other skills: those of optimized writing. Let’s see together what a specialist in web writing for real estate can bring you.

The real estate web editor improves the attractiveness of your site

Attract customers to your website

The likelihood that your clients will find out about your agency before meeting you is high. Indeed, one in three French people consult online real estate sites, according to Mediatory. Your pages offer a first impression of your company, on which your virtual fame depends. Your site is therefore supposed to represent your values, your seriousness and your reputation. The user must feel confident, especially if you have preferred to get rid of a physical agency. Your digital storefront is then a valuable platform for building customer loyalty.

Inspire confidence in potential customers

Too many websites lack ergonomics and are not active enough. What about the site of a freelance agent on which the search for advertisements is perilous and on which the goods sold are always displayed? What about the home page social media verification agency of a trustee without time markers or allusion to any local news?

The real estate specialist web editor creates practical, up-to-date and lively content for you. The goal is to show that you are competent and to inspire confidence in potential customers. Such content makes the experience on your site fluid and makes sure that Internet users want to linger and contact you!

The specialist in web writing for real estate highlights your assets

Provide Internet users with useful and up-to-date information

The real estate web editor knows the jargon of the field well and is able to carry out your digital communication:

  • presentation of new local programs;
  • content on the subject of loan placements;
  • advice to buyers, sellers and tenants;
  • rights and legislative news;
  • press release and blog posts;
  • the description of advertisements;
  • fixed pages to inspire confidence in customers;
  • newsletters to disseminate information and personal observations.

By offering a panel of elements on the different subjects related to your activity, you can attract prospects to your site. They then understand that you are able to advise them.

Highlight the specificities of your activity

The web editor optimizes the texts and the dynamism of the site according to the requests of the users. He takes care to enhance your premises, the age or the newness of your agency.

  • If you are a broker, it highlights your network and your expertise.
  • Real estate hunter, your favorite sectors are of great importance.
  • Promoter or builder, your references and current legislation set you apart.
  • Syndic of co-ownerships or notaries, your human qualities are essential.
  • Developer, an optimized showcase of successful projects attracts buyers.
  • 100% digital agency, the low commission is your strength!

The web editor adapts his strategy according to your competitors

Analyze your e-competition

The sector is dense: the number of professionals has increased by 50% in 5 years according to INSEE. And the leaders of this market impose themselves on the web by absorbing 78% of traffic. But don’t panic, what characterizes the web editor specializing in your field is his ability to analyze the positioning of your competitors in the search results. Indeed, he is immersed in this world of digital real estate on a daily basis and quickly identifies the ranking dynamics of the geographical players in your activity. This step therefore makes it possible to assess the quality and the competitive quantity in your locality. It allows you to define the advantages of your company to highlight, because yes, the weaknesses of one are the strengths of the other.

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Choose the right writing strategy

The job of your copywriter is then to take into account…

  1. Local competition and its positioning in search results.
  2. Your strengths against these professionals.
  3. What customers expect from your site.
  4. Answer questions from Internet users.
  5. Adopt a fluid and pleasant writing style.
  6. Make navigation on the site fluid and pleasant.

This rich, attractive and dynamic virtual showcase appeals to both search engines and Internet users. They are naturally tempted to navigate from page to page on your site. This contributes, in digital jargon, to reducing the bounce rate. Its strategy saves you precious time because it facilitates the rise of your company in the index of results.

You now know why the real estate web editor is a joker to ask: he is the guarantor of your virtual visibility. The ultimate goal: upon arriving on your site, your client will discover very organized categories of goods, a wealth of information and the possibility of exchanging with you, as well as excellent testimonials. In short, he feels that you are close to him and competent: it is to your sign that he wants to entrust the search for the house of his dreams, the management of his joint ownership or the rental of an apartment. 

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