What to do if you are hit by a car while you are crossing the road?

According to research, pedestrian accidents are increasing every year. Most of these accidents occur due to the negligence of the driver. Either they are distracted or they are driving recklessly which costs someone their life or injures them immensely. However, some of these accidents occur because pedestrians are not extra careful about their surroundings or their attention is diverted towards their phones or other things. As advised by a Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney, if you were hit by a car while crossing the toad and you weren’t at fault, then these are the following things you should do:

Get Medical Help

Pedestrian accidents are deadly, they can impact you severely. With you walking and having no safety gear it is easier to get hurt on the road while walking than while driving. So after being hurt by a car, call an ambulance, or ask the people who are present near you to get you to the nearest hospital.

Gather Information 

If you are conscious and can talk to people around you, try to learn if anyone witnessed the car’s license plate that hit you. As in most cases, drivers try to escape to prevent getting involved in a police case or facing a lawsuit. So get information from the witnesses about the details of the car.

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Call the police helpline number

One of the primary factors in any accident is to file a police report immediately after the accident and if you are not in a condition to file one, call the police and inform them about the accident and the location. The police will prepare a detailed report and try to investigate so that they can get to the offender via getting hold of the evidence like CCTV footage, and more.

Seek legal assistance

To get the fair compensation that you deserve for the physical and emotional trauma that the accident caused you, you should get legal assistance from the beginning of the accident. Your injury attorney will collect the evidence, analyze the police report, negotiate with the insurance company and the offender and handle all the legal processes seamlessly.

To conclude, always be extra careful about the surroundings when you are on the road to ensure your safety. 

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