Major Pros of Custom Kraft Candle Box for Your Business

Candles are the best source to relax your mind and still use for versatile purposes in our daily affairs. Many people go for the ever best aromatherapy and fragmented candles. And, some reach out the candles to decoying their homes and rooms. Therefore, the entrancing and spellbinding look of your candles must be required to grasp your customers’ attention in seconds and make their buying decision in your favor over the rest of the brands. So, a custom candle box is the best solution to address these issues. 

Nowadays, everyone is cautious about rapidly changed environmental factors. So they turn their head to buy the products that are available in the market with eco0-friendly solutions. For this purpose, custom Kraft candle boxes are the best solution to make your brand reputable and environmentally conscious. Now it’s time to jump into the pros of Kraft candle boxes with customized solutions. 

Kraft Candle Boxes- Best Eco-friendly Choice 

The major benefits of custom Kraft candle boxes are well known that is the preeminent nature-friendly choice for our atmospheric changes. By using Kraft candle packaging, you are able to build your brand name in the list of environmentally conscious brands and play their role in the improvement.  Add to this; you can spread awareness by printing your eco-friendly efforts to motivate more people through your packaging. If we talk about the decomposition of the Kraft candle boxes, it is the best cardboard that easily dissolves in the soil and does not show their mini particles like PVC plastics that take too many times like years for this process. Here are some magical characteristics of Kraft you must know. 

  • Tear resistance 
  • Absorb the moisture 
  • Durable 
  • Recyclable 
  • Cost-effective 

Available in a Variety of Sizes

Well, a brand offer variety of candles to facilities their customers no one sticks the one style and flavors of candles. So, as a candle manufacturer, if you offer multiple flavors and styles of candles for your target audiences, you need to box according to their needs. Like you cannot use pillar candle boxes for votive candles. You need a four-wall display lid box for candle packaging. Apart from this, Kraft candle boxes are available in variegated custom sizes as per the choice.

Versatile Printing Methods are Useable for Kraft 

As similar to cardboard, you can easily print Kraft candle boxes with any kind of printing technique. You can choose a packaging supplier who provides quality printing inks for custom printed candle boxes. By choosing quality ink toners, you are able to make your box esthetic titillating for your customers for a long time. Plus, your candle boxes stay scratch-proof that not damage the surface of the box due to lines. Here is the type of printing that you can utilize for Kraft candle boxes. 

  • 3D Printing 
  • Digital Printing 
  • Screen printing 
  • Inkjet Printing 
  • Flexographic 

Unlimited Styles Options of Kraft Candle are Open for You 

It is not fixed that you can make stylish candle packaging boxes with only cardboard. You have unlimited options to create any style of Kraft candle boxes according to your choice. Unique style of candle packaging aloe you distinctive authority in the pool of clusters. Here are some style candle boxes that you can pick as per your choice. 

  • Pillow box 
  • Hexagonal box 
  • Sleeve boxes
  • Flip-top boxes 
  • 2-piece candle boxes
  • Handle boxes 

Apart from this, you can use mailer boxes to ship your candle to the customer’s doorstep. Also, you need to keep your box style simple and elegant for unboxing your candle boxes. Furthermore, you can add personalized notes and inserts in the candle boxes for better experiences.

Insertion of Window in Kraft Candle Cases 

The insertion of the window on Kraft candle boxes enhances the beauty of your product and makes it more worthy for buying. Basically, window insertion provides the authentication of the products for your customers. Plus, the customers check the color of candles, textures, and sizes from the window and buy them according to their story. Here is the list of the window that you can place on Kraft candle packaging boxes.

  • Single-sided window 
  • Double-sided window 
  • Hexagon window 
  • Oval window 
  • Leaf window 
  • Square window 
  • Rectangle window 

Easily accessible 2-color printing, 3- Colour, and 4-colour printing 

 Kraft Candle Box

Well, to choose the printing type of candle boxes is totally depends on you. If you like one color printing, then you can choose one color for your candle box. Add to this; you have to choose 2-colour, 3-color, and 4-colour printing for your printed Kraft candle boxes. 2-color printing offer you to print your candle box with 2-colour, one side print with one color and a second side with another color. Add to this; 3-color printing provides three fantastic shades to your box as per your choice. And, 4-color printing offers four shades for four sides of the box separately. If you want 4 CMYK shades with 2 PMS shades for your Kraft candle boxes, you must choose as per your demand. 

Ending the up Discussions 

So, the crux of the discussed thoughts is to show the major benefits of custom Kraft candle boxes. These boxes are biodegradable, durable, and available in multiple custom sizes. Plus, you can print these boxes with any printing type like digital, screen, and offset printing. And, the option to insert the window on the top of the box makes your Kraft boxes fabulous and enticing. Now you can choose Kraft boxes for your business according to your demand and budget. 

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