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9 proven ways to grow your YouTube channel

It is right to say that video marketing has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, and this marketing technique is becoming more well-known and accessible to businesses.

Record YouTube Audio is not hard if you know how. This article will show you how to capture audio from YouTube videos. You can also save the video to your library. You can also share it with your friends. Once you’ve recorded YouTube audio, it will be in the M4V format, which is compatible with most digital media players. However, you might want to record YouTube audio in MP3 format, which is more popular among YouTube users.

Though digital platforms like Tik-Tok, Facebook, Instagram and your website are all great approaches to invest in, creating a YouTube channel is also the ideal place to showcase your business since millions of people spend their time on this platform. 

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After Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine that people use to find solutions to their queries.. It can help people discover your content fast and increase engagement if you know some tricks and know the basics of creating unique and creative videos. Here are 9 top ways to increase the popularity of your YouTube channel.

Create videos on a particular keyword or topic

Creating YouTube videos about one specific subject or keyword is the most effective way to attract visitors to your site and increase the number of your viewers.

Marketers who aren’t familiar with SEO are at the risk of not ranking their videos. However, it’s vital to include SEO for your video to be seen by the maximum number of viewers.

Utilize a tool for keyword research that is specific to YouTube. It will help you find the top keywords searched for in the topic you intend to focus on.

It is crucial to choose your keywords prior to writing your video content because it assists you in remembering to use your keyword in a natural way throughout the video, so YouTube can recognize it in closed captions when they are included.

After selecting keywords, you should look at the most popular videos for the topic you’re interested in and make sure you optimize your titles and description. If you do this, you’ll get more search traffic through the SEO feature on YouTube.

Keep frequently posting on YouTube Channel

Recent reports have indicated that YouTube channels that upload more frequently gain more views than others who post once a week.

Stick with the decision of uploading videos to YouTube at least three times each week. It is important, particularly in the beginning stage of your YouTube channel, to grow a massive following.

Maintaining a consistent schedule of more than one post per week could quickly boost your channel’s rank to the top of the list.

If you upload larger content early with similar subjects, it will make your channel more efficient within the algorithm. It will also help you make a library of content that guides viewers to switch to the other videos. In this way, you can increase watch time and subscribers. 

Grow You-tube Channel With Ads

The use of organic growth on your Youtube channel is fantastic; however, adding a touch of paid marketing will speed things up. 

Making a YouTube advertising campaign is a great way to bring viewers and subscribers to your channel.
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Make an ad that fits with a budget that you can afford, such as paying only when someone views your video advertisement or clicks your link. Run the same ads on Facebook, but they need to be tailored for YouTube. 

Cross-promote your YouTube channel

It would be best if you cross-promote your YouTube channel like your website. Promote your YouTube channel across all other social media and other online platforms. 

There are three effective ways to advertise or cross-promote YouTube videos.  First, you need to produce anticipation among audiences about your YouTube videos, hence start making teasers. 

To make aware people of your effort and work in making those videos, add behind the scenes for some seconds in those videos. Always inform your followers about the availability of your upcoming videos. 

Cross-promotion of YouTube videos make your brand look more professional and informative. 

Do video collaborations to grow your channel

Hosting videos with a fellow YouTuber is helpful to grow your own YouTube channel. Video collaborations increase followers, viewers and subscribers in a large number. In this way, you can attract people on two YouTube channels. 

The most important thing to consider when hosting collaborative videos is that your co-host must meet your specific particular niche. Both of you must have the same amount of subscribers in order to help each other, however, your co-host has a greater audience that can help your channel.

You are allowed to create an online video collaboration with several YouTubers in one video. This is a fantastic idea to increase the number of viewers and subscribers. 

Embedding YouTube Videos On Your Blog

Uploading videos and sharing links on different platforms is not enough; there are also many other options to gain more views on your videos. 

If you have your website or blog, then embed video in it to provide customers more detail about your services. 

YouTube video content on your site helps to promote your videos and services together.  You could also include a YouTube widget on your blog or website.

Add appealing Thumbnail Images

YouTube thumbnail images should not be clickbait images, as it is one of the most effective and quick ways to lose or gain subscribers. 

The thumbnail of your video represents the initial impression people are likely to get from your video and channel; therefore, it needs to be visually appealing.

When you’re making the YouTube thumbnail, make sure that the thumbnail depicts content in your video. It would be best if you also made such thumbnails that could make viewers excited about videos. In addition, the thumbnails should be attractive and appealing to the audience. 

Create engaging and informative videos

It is the most common reason for people to subscribe to YouTube channels. People like and engage in informative video content. In contrast, creating YouTube videos, you need to become an artist, creative and relevant to the topic of the video. 

Know your audience

The best method to expand the reach of your channel on YouTube is to find out what your viewers like and would like to see.

Are they looking for informative content on their profession? Upload videos that your audience would like more. Before making videos understand what kind of content people are demanding or willing to see in your niche. 



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