5 easy steps to start your cleaning business

A cleaning company could be the right business idea for you if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of investment and can be started quickly.

You should remember that this type of company is easy to set up and will face high competition in an industry dominated by small businesses.

Therefore, it is important to see where your cleaning company will be placed in this saturated market. Then, you can find the right niche.

These are the steps that you need to take to get on the right track to success.

1. Decide what cleaning business niche you want to be a part of

There are three types of cleaning companies.

  • Domestic This involves cleaning people’s homes, usually when they are away from home. You can do it yourself. It will pay off to hire more employees if you have a loyal client base.
  • Commercial. Commercial cleaning is a type of cleaning that involves cleaning commercial properties (company shops, offices) and will require you to manage a team.
  • Specialized There are hundreds of niches you can explore here, including cleaning windows, schools, cars, or crime scenes (yes! some companies specialize in this).

Think about your talents and what you want. Are you ready to clean every single day or are you more interested in the administrative side of running a business?

Analyze the best opportunity in your local market. Commercial cleaning is a great option if you live near shops. Take the time to think about your surroundings.

2. Investigate, investigate, investigate

Researching your market and local demographics will help you decide the type of cleaning company you want to start.

You should ensure that your residents are financially capable of paying someone to clean your home. If it’s a business, you can have enough sales to pay yourself.

3. Decide on your business model

Do you want to start your own business or are you looking for a franchise? This section is where you should think about your long-term goals.

You have the best chance to create your venture if you want it to grow slowly, but surely, and you have complete control.

If you’re looking for quick profits and are not sure how to run a business, you might consider franchising another cleaning company.

4. Set a budget for your equipment

The cost of cleaning equipment may vary greatly. These materials are typically provided by homeowners to household cleaners (detergents and mops, etc.). Also, ask yourself What Type Of Insurance Do I Need For A Cleaning Business? and set a budget for insurance too.

However, if your goal is to start a commercial cleaning company, you will need to purchase basic equipment like:

  • To transport the products, use the cleaning trolleys
  • Steam engines or industrial vacuum cleaners
  • Mop pads or floor scrubbers
  • You will also need a car to transport all your equipment

You can see that all the equipment mentioned above can be expensive. So, you need to consider whether you have the money to purchase it or if you can borrow the money. Also, think about the time it will take you to get it back together with your benefits.

You should also remember that if you hire other people to assist you with your tasks, they will need a salary which you must include in your budget.

5. Make a marketing plan

After you have analyzed your business model and decided on the type of cleaning that you want to do, and raised the funds for the equipment, employees, and products you need, you are ready to start your cleaning company.

The next step is obtaining customers. This is possible only if you have a solid marketing plan. You may find that a few newspaper ads or posters are the best places to start depending on your business type.

Don’t rule out other options such as paid Internet ads or social networks (in search engines like Google), especially if you have a specialized cleaning business.

Don’t be afraid to go house-to-house leaving business cards for potential clients. Cleaning is a personal business, and nothing is better than meeting them face to face.

You can read more business-related articles here. And also give your thoughts, and ask any question in the comment section.

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