Who is Otterbein Email Senior Lifestyle Choices’s Executive Director?

You might be wondering, “Who is the executive director of Otterbein Email Senior Lifestyle Choices?” This article will introduce you to Jennifer Farrington, Jill Wilson, and Kathleen Geers. But there’s one more person who deserves your attention: Jill Wilson. Here are a few things you should know about each one. Also, check their websites to see how much they charge for their services.

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Jill Wilson

Otterbein Email SeniorLife, a not-for-profit organization that runs senior living communities and stand-alone nursing campuses, has recently released a new video about their new Green House Project homes. The homes are designed to offer seniors a home-like living environment with traditional nursing care and support services. The Green House Project was founded 17 years ago and now operates more than 70 neighbourhoods across the U.S.

Otterbein Email affiliation with Otterbein provides Franklin with advantages in the future, including greater access to capital, improved campus investment, and excellence in care. A large multi-site organization gives Otterbein the buying power and purchasing power to make the best possible use of its resources. Single-site communities, on the other hand, are at a distinct disadvantage because they are more vulnerable to changes in the senior care industry. Rising health care costs and increased regulations are just a few of the challenges large single-site communities face.

Kathleen Geers

If you are searching for a senior community in your area, you might be interested in contacting Kathleen Geers, Otterbein’s Executive Director. The Otterbein Retirement Community is located at 585 N. State Route 741 in Lebanon, Ohio. Other Otterbein offices can be found in the following locations: Boone County Hospitals at 7380 Turfway Road in Florence, Kentucky and Campbell County Hospitals at 85 N. Grand Avenue in Fort Thomas, Kentucky. You can also visit the Carroll County Extension Office at 500 Floyd Drive in Carrollton, Kentucky.

Anna Gallagher

Otterbein Email SeniorLife, the largest retirement community in the Dayton, Ohio, area, is expanding its operations in Lebanon, Ohio. The new ranch homes have open floor plans and one to two-car garages. Otterbein plans to add more units to the community once raw material costs stabilize. For now, the company is adding only one-bedroom units to the community.

Final Words:

When we first visited Otterbein SeniorLife, we were overwhelmed by the amount of options. The location alone was impressive, with a nice restaurant and a nice rec center with a pool, weight room, and games rooms. It was almost too good to be true. However, the salesman we spoke with was really cool, and we felt confident in our decision to move forward with a tour.


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