Gaming chairs: Pros and Cons of PU leather vs Fabric

It can be difficult to live as a gamer. You may experience constant soreness, headaches, bloodshot eyes and carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s true, but it’s not true anymore. Did we think everyone had jumped on the gaming chair bandwagon? Perhaps not.

Gaming chairs are now extremely popular with serious gamers, despite the fact that they offer great comfort and ergonomic design. These chairs are designed to support better posture and prevent sore backs. (Read my blog for more information).

Armrests on gaming chairs can be adjusted to reduce the risk of arthritis and carpal tunnel. These chairs are modern marvels in our gaming age.

It can be hard to choose the right type of chair when there are so many choices. There are many options. The material of the chair is one example of such a choice. PU Leather and Fabric are the two most popular options. Both are great choices, but not all are created equal.

However, neither one is better than the other. One could be far superior or worse depending on the leather or fabric. They could be of the same quality, but they may offer different benefits and disadvantages.

As with many aspects of gaming chairs, the choice of fabric will depend on who the chair is being bought from. Some people love leather, while others don’t care. Some people don’t care about the material used as long as it does the job.

We will be examining each material and comparing the pros and cons to help you understand how they might affect your chair’s performance. We hope you are able to make an informed purchase decision on the gaming chair you ultimately choose.

These are not cheap products. You should be able to understand all their characteristics before you spend a lot of money.

PU Leather – What’s it all about?

PU Leather looks almost like leather, but it is not. This artificial leather product is made from split leather. Split leather is the leftover animal hide from high-quality leather products like top-grain and full-grain. It is certainly less expensive and more desirable than genuine leather, but it doesn’t mean it is bad.

The split leather is then removed and covered with polyurethane. This is usually applied to furniture surfaces, such as a gaming chair. It has a shiny finish that makes it appear vintage, but it is not authentic.

You can think of old diner booths and couches at grandma’s house. These were often made from PU leather that has a shiny finish.

What Fabric are Fabric Chairs Made of?

Fabric can be used to refer to a wide range of materials. Fabric chairs are usually made of a combination of polyester, linen, cotton, and/or mesh.

Although the woven fabric is more rough than PU leather, it will still feel comfortable to the touch. It should also provide some breathability.

Gaming chairs made of PU leather: The pros


PU leather is quite affordable, especially when compared to full-grain or authentic top leather. Although it’s not the most desired part of an animal, it can still be a major factor for gamers looking to save money.


PU Leather furniture is almost identical in appearance to regular leather from afar. You can only see the differences when you are closer to them, so most people won’t notice.

Only those who are familiar with leather will be able to tell that it isn’t top grain. And how many people do they know that are leather connoisseurs and hardcore gamers?

Most Immune to Spills & Stains

They are almost impervious to liquids and other substances due to their glossy, smooth surface.

You can usually just wipe the liquid off your chair and go back to gaming. If you spill sugary soda onto your chair, simply wipe it off and then sit down again. It might be a good idea to spray the soda with water so that it doesn’t become sticky.

The same quality also means that the chair won’t be stained by things. Even red wine can be easily wiped off. Maybe we should call Kool-aid or cheap vodka.

PU Leather chairs are resistant to a wide range of colors and beverages. This can actually be a plus over higher quality leather.

You have to be more careful when you are treating top-grain leather. PU Leather is tough, but you don’t need to be ashamed.

This is not just an issue for liquids. A PU Leather chair will easily be cleaned of dust and other debris. Because the fabric is very strong, potato chip crumbs won’t get stuck to it.


PU Leather, although it is a cheaper leather type (and technically not real leather), is very durable. It is not possible to just grab a knife and begin cutting it, but it can withstand being splattered on for many years.

While it will eventually wear out and begin to show signs of age, it will still function perfectly and be as comfortable as the day it was purchased. It might actually become more comfortable the more you use it.


PU Leather can be dyed easily because it is synthetic. This allows you to choose from a wide range of colors for your chair. The leather will not lose its quality because it will still be coated with polyurethane.

If you are willing to pay more, some companies will allow you to add custom designs or have professional artists create them for you.

Cons of PU Leather

We might have got you all excited about PU leather because of its many benefits, but there are some downsides.

Limited Breathability

The PU Leather is almost incomprehensible, which means it is practically unbreathable. PU Leather chairs don’t breathe, so your body doesn’t get any air when you sit on them. The temperature rises significantly when you’re gaming longer, which can cause you to sweat more and make you feel uncomfortable.

A PU Chair traps heat and can cause sweat to build up. After a long gaming session, your chair may be covered in sweat. Gross! It won’t even air out the smell. We hope you have good hygiene if your PU chair is going to be used. You could also consider moving to Alaska where it is less likely that you will sweat.

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Get a Cheap Look From Close Up

We already mentioned that PU Leather looks great from afar. The closer you get to it, the more you realize this is not a genuine leather product. This is particularly true if you try it on.

Anyone who has ever sat on a genuine leather piece of furniture can tell the difference.

Limiting Strength

We said the PU Leather chairs were durable but that does not mean they are strong. They are durable for everyday use.

It should last as long as you treat it as you would a regular chair. However, PU Leather is not designed to withstand major accidents or other damage that could compromise its integrity. Pet nails can cause major damage to your chairs, even if they are very easy to clean.

After we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of PU Leather, let’s now look at fabric gaming chairs.

Pros and Cons of Fabric Gaming Chairs


The fabric, like PU Leather is very affordable. The fabric is generally very affordable because of the low cost materials used.

The fabric is often used to lower prices because it is cheaper than other materials. You can find great fabric chairs at very affordable prices if you are tight on cash.


The fabric is far more breathable than PU Leather. Because it is woven, there are small openings in the fabric. Air will flow in and out of fabric seats, so if you’re in a hot area, a seat made from PU Leather will feel cooler.

You won’t get stuck to the chair if your sweat starts to build up. Instead, you will be able get out of the chair as if you never sweated at all.


Fabric is not as strong as PU Leather but is generally considered durable. It all depends on the fabric you choose.

Your chair’s durability will increase if it has a stronger weave. Premium weaves are now available from many companies that can last for longer than full leather products.

The Look is Still Great

A fabric chair isn’t as fraudulent as a PU leather chair. It will look very similar when you get up close, regardless of what it looks like.

Fabric doesn’t try to imitate another substance. It is simply fabric. You can pick a consistent look no matter where or how long it has been. Some people don’t like the look of fabric. But those who do love it know what to expect.

Fabric Cons

Spills and Stains are tough

The fabric is less resistant to spills and stains than PU Leather because it is more porous. Liquids can quickly soak in and bright colors will stain if they aren’t removed immediately. Because food sticks to the fabric’s fibers, it is more difficult to get rid of. Fabric chairs are difficult to clean up if you have sticky or sour foods.

There are fabrics that have wicking properties, or can be treated with sprays to prevent stains. Your chair’s ability to keep food and water out of its inner layers will depend on how it is weaved. It will be more difficult to maintain than a PU Leather chair.


The fabric is not as smooth as PU Leather and some people dislike it. Your skin could rub against the fabric if you wear short sleeves or pants. This is dependent on the fabric being used, but PU Leather is the best.


A fabric chair is more susceptible to spills and stains so you will need to do more maintenance. The chair will be more affected by environmental factors like dust and animals than a PU Leather model. It is also more difficult to maintain because you can’t just wipe them away.

To remove stains, you will need several sprays, brushes and rags. You may also need to pick up food crumbs with your hands.

Which fabric or PU leather should you choose?

As with many other gaming chair decisions, it comes down to personal preference and environmental factors.

We hope you have found enough information to help you make the right decision about which chair is best for you. We are always happy to offer suggestions.

If you’re a lazy gamer and don’t want to do any cleaning or work after your session, you will appreciate the minimal maintenance that a PU Leather chair requires.

You can play all day, all night, while sipping Mountain Dew and munching on Pringles. At the end of the day, all you have to do is clean up the mess. Even if you forget to wipe the chair down, it won’t be difficult the next day.

However, if you live in a hot area where you sweat a lot, the PU Leather Chair might cause problems. It may even develop a terrible odor. Fabric will be more comfortable and breathable. It will also be easier to maintain, since it won’t have to deal with sweat puddles every day.

However, gamers who live in colder climates might prefer fabric as it is less uncomfortable during the first sit. PU Leather can get cold if it’s in direct contact with cold air, but fabric will maintain a moderate temperature regardless of what happens around it.

We would choose fabric if we had to choose between the two. Although there are many benefits to PU Leather, we prefer fabric because it is more durable, looks better and offers more bang for the buck.

You can find fabric that is almost as good as real leathers. This means you get better material than most PU Leather. It is likely to last a lifetime and can withstand years of abuse.

If you are serious about gaming and have to choose between PU Leather or fabric, we recommend that you choose the fabric. Make sure you do your research before buying a chair.

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