SaaS App Development: A Detailed Guide

Over one-third of companies globally have switched to SaaS solutions to get the most from their IT strategy. It’s a trend that is set to continue. 

But perhaps the world of SaaS is new to you. You may not even recognise the abbreviation or understand its role in app development.

Read on to help discover how SaaS app development is vital to your next launch. We’ll explain what SaaS means and what steps you need to take from concept to launch. 

What is SaaS? 

SaaS stands for software as a service, which has become increasingly popular in the tech community in recent years. 

Using SaaS means you pay a fee (ordinarily monthly or annual) to use those software features and access them via the web. 

That contrasts with the traditional model of buying and installing software on your company’s infrastructure. 

How Can You Use SaaS to Build Apps? 

SaaS makes the app development process so much faster because you can cut out the setup process and start building your mobile SaaS app right away. Here are the typical steps to build an app using SaaS. 

Establish Your Features

The first thing you need to do is write down the SaaS app features you want in your app. If it’s apps for business, run a survey to establish what they require. 

Don’t be too over-ambitious with your app. You can always add extra features later. 

Create a Design

Next, it’s time to do the design.

Start with a wireframe design (one without a stylised look and feel) to begin establishing the layout of your app. Once you’ve done that, you can use your design team (or hire one) to give the final thing a branded, professional look. 

Build a Prototype 

Whatever types of SaaS apps you intend to create, the next phase is straightforward. You begin using your preferred SaaS to build your app. You’ll start building the skeleton features of your app, otherwise known as a prototype or proof of concept.

If you’re doing the work in-house, use documentation and training guides to help you learn how to build the app within the software. At, you can find all our guides here. 

Run a Beta Test

Once you have the bare bones of an app working, it’s time to test it with customers who have signed up for your beta (or you can test it in-house). That is your opportunity to get feedback, change, and tweak the final product. 

Complete Your App

Now it’s time to return to your SaaaS to get the final app finished and ready for release. You’ll address feedback from your testing and use this point to add any extra features you want in the app before releasing it. 

Further Test and Release 

When you’ve completed your app build, you’ll want to test it thoroughly before releasing it to the world. Once tested, it will be ready for you to launch in the App Store. 

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SaaS App Development: The Future for Apps

To thrive in the app industry, you must keep up with the latest trends. SaaaS app development is the future for apps and something you should embrace on your next project.

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