NOC Services: A People-Centric Approach to Success

NOC service provider ExterNetworks benefited from a people-centric approach

NOC services companies during the pandemic with a people-focused approach win. As people’s needs change, it is crucial to adopt a people-focused approach to change management rather than merely relying on authority.

Due to the pandemic, NOC services businesses have had to adapt dramatically to the changing times. Diversity and inclusion principles led to many businesses cutting jobs upon the outbreak of the pandemic. The crisis revealed whether D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) is seen by some companies as a nice-to-have or a business necessity in addition to unexpected layoffs and rehires. Although hiring for D&I may have grown during the crisis, did it open up new avenues for employment?

Do the new normal makes people more important than ever before? What will be the impact of changing employee needs and behavior on employers?

Companies that focus on people during crisis times are more likely to succeed. It’s important to adopt a “people-focused” approach to change management rather than simply imposing authority when people’s needs change. Business success and growth are driven by great customer experiences, as all organizations know. People must come first when delivering that customer experience, as most of them fail to understand. The right thing to do is to focus on the needs of employees; it is also beneficial to the company!

Following a global awakening regarding their efforts around diversity and inclusion, how do you view the state of diversity, equity, and inclusion globally? 

The world has become smaller as remote work becomes the fastest mode of transportation, with Zoom as the fastest mode of transportation. We were all able to work anywhere and anytime with this technology.

As the diversity rate continues to rise, businesses will be able to bring in a diverse team and diverse perspectives with complementary strengths coming from different backgrounds.

Diversification increases. Our company has become even more diverse during the pandemic. Thanks to this openness, we were able to add more diversity to our team by hiring a team in the Philippines.

What are the best practices for unleashing talent and ensuring that your organization has representation from multiple viewpoints while harnessing diversity and inclusion practices for a sustainable competitive advantage?

As a Managed Service Provider, we successfully transitioned into a Master Managed NOC Services Provider. We have thrived throughout this journey thanks to our openness to think differently and embrace diversity and inclusion.

Diversity has been part of our DNA since day one. None of our competitors have. As a result of our willingness to bring in more talent no matter where we could find them, we are now the expert among experts for our competitors.

As a result of the pandemic, our societies are experiencing greater disparities and gaps, and new trends have developed in the workplace. To improve the future of work, what questions should leaders ask themselves and act upon?

How can I pivot faster, better, and cheaper? Is my company positioned to innovate quickly, faster than its competitors? Is it possible for me to innovate better, faster, and cheaper than my competitors? As a leader, it is time to address and consider these questions. Reflect on questions such as “Do I have the right leadership program to develop and lead my distributed workforce?workforce?workforce? ”, and “How can I better adapt the KRAs, KPIs, and company structure for a distributed workforce?” 

We continue to brainstorm around important questions such as “How can we collaborate effectively?”, “How can we empower our leaders?”, and “What resources can we give to our resources so that they can collaborate better?”?

During crises and beyond, we know that effective communication and collaboration lead to better results. The majority of your competitors will find it difficult to cultivate a great collaborative spirit in a remotely distributed workforce. Developing a system and processes to stay focused on collaboration and communication will help you weather any storms much better.

How are you preparing to come out stronger on the other side of shifting business priorities and changing customer needs? What are your long-term objectives? What metrics do you use to evaluate your new initiatives?

Your customers are satisfied when your employees are engaged and productive. Consequently, you earn higher profits and have the opportunity to grow. The people in a company are both the most valuable and the most expensive assets. The best way to maximize their value is to create a strong people-orientated culture. It automatically impacts our business metrics when we continually invest in recruiting great talent, rewarding them, and managing them.

Small businesses and medium-sized IT companies can benefit from a variety of NOC services offered by ExterNetworks, including dedicated staffing, help desk service, network operations center- NOC services, and more. This makes ExterNoc stand out in the competition.

By putting people first, we distinguish ourselves. Our company spends a significant portion of its budget on the development of its employees. Our vision is to build a community of passionate employees – something called an “internal community.” This fosters a culture of family where everyone looks out for one another. This is the essence of what makes our community happy. Our community members will take care of our customers more if we take care of them.

Engineers freelancing in NOC services

Network support and administration, routing and switching, as well as Linux skills are required for a NOC. The responsibilities of a NOC engineer position are extensive, requiring highly qualified candidates. has more than 60,000 engineers working on a range of projects. It’s an excellent opportunity to begin hiring a freelance NOC engineer or shift into a more diverse hiring process in your region. On the App Store and Google Play, you can download the FieldEngineer App for iOS and Android devices. Connecting with prospective clients on the go is simple once the app has been downloaded. Download it now and start earning money as a freelancer!

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