Important things to consider while buying a second-hand car

The used car market is expanding at a higher rate globally. Making a second-hand car purchase is a difficult decision for many people. However, by considering a few things, the process can be a lot easier than people think.

Recently, the global car market has seen a significant increase, and the market for used cars has already grown to nearly twice the size of the new car market. This also means that there are a lot more people buying second-hand cars than buyers of new models.

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Create the budget

Make a budget prior to when you begin the process of buying a second hand car. Think about factors such as how long you’ll plan to keep the car and how long you expect to use your car every month. 

Don’t forget to calculate the general maintenance and repair costs for the car you are about to buy. Be sure to keep insurance expenses in your mind while making the budget. 

Select the best Car

Be sure about what specifications, features, and the type of vehicle you want to purchase. Consider buying a newer model whenever you can. Keep in mind that prices for new vehicles fall after three years of use. 

Keep one more thing in mind about not buying vehicles that are no longer in production. If you making such decisions on car selection, then you are avoiding many future hassles with the car. 

Examine the car paper closely

Take your trusted car mechanic with you for thoroughly inspecting the car. It will help you to resolve the problems with the car before buying it. This action will also help you in price negotiation. 

Second hand Car’s papers also need to be checked closely to avoid any future hassle. Make sure to check the papers given below while buying a car. 

  1. Review the current insurance documents for the vehicle you intend to purchase. You can determine if the car has been involved in any claims or accidents in the past. check the insurance policy for no claim bonus percentage has been applied so far. The NCB should be high of a vehicle.
  2. Make sure that the engine’s number and chassis number are the same as the numbers on the registration documents.
  3. Make sure to check all the filters on the used car and have them replaced as soon as possible. The car’s service book should include detail of all replaced parts.  
  4. Don’t forget to check the brakes record on a service. Be sure to check for any strange noisy sounds and vibrations coming from your brakes. The brakes that are pulsating could indicate that the rotors require replacement.

Transfer the insurance and registration certificate to your name

It’s just as crucial to have an insurance policy with your own name. Insurance policy counted as nullified if the registration certificate is still under the name of the previous owner. 

Visit your nearest transport office along with the car owner to get the registration certificate in your name. This process now can be accomplished online if your transport department is operating digitally. 

RC transfer is a hassle work, you can take help of a trusted agent or guidelines issued by your neared transport department. 

Take a test drive

You should take the car you are planning to purchase for a long test drive. Take it for multiple tests. You can also request your mechanic or companion to drive the car and then know their perceptions about the car.

When driving the second hand car ensure that you accelerate with a little force to check whether the engine is operating normally or not. 

Also, stop the car with a sudden brake and make a few quick turns to assess the state of the brakes as well as the steering. Take a drive on a rough road in order to assess the state of the suspension.

Make sure the car is in good condition.

It is crucial to dig into small details in order to arrive a the right decision. If you’re aware of the specifics of a car and are able to inspect the car yourself, then you can make a good decision. Either you can take the help of the mechanic visiting along with you

The car may appear normal on the surface, but an expert mechanic can identify if there was any kind of hidden flaws on the exterior, in the engine, as well as on other components.

Check the following things about the car’s condition before making a purchase. 


Check out the car from all sides. The car may look good at first sight, however, a closer inspection could provide an actual exterior condition of the second hand car. Keep an eye out for signs of rust, dents, and paint damage. 

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Take a close observation of the car interior. Examine the back and front seats for any tears or staining. Check the condition of all the electronic components like an audio system, monitor, and so on. Also, check the functionality of these components. 


The state of the tyres may be either good or bad based on their use. Check the tyres’ treads and grooves. If the tyres are much smooth or bald then you can negotiate on the car price or ask the owner to replace them with new tyres.

It is also necessary to check the car for proper wheel alignment. Improper wheel alignment cause vibrations, low mileage, accidents, and low car speed. 


Less mileage of the vehicle is a very concerning factor, it may cost you more as fuel price keep hiking. The low mileage of the vehicle may be due to a major fault in the engine.

Mileage-related issues should be resolved in front of the owner before making payments. 


It is recommended to examine your engine in depth. Look for signs of corrosion, oil leaks, friction sound, cracked tubes, and unusual sounds. Also, check the transmission fluid and oil with the dipstick. 

Don’t forget to check the fuel and oil filter, carburetor, and other important parts of the vehicle. The mechanic can help you to resolve all these problems. 

Maintenance history

Some mischievous car owners cover up the vehicle’s maintenance history from the buyers. Ask the second hand car owner for service receipts and dates in the file. 

The car’s service history file records the number of trips to the service center and the type of service was provided to the vehicle. 

If you receive good-maintained documents of service history, then you can use the same information in line with your use.

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