What to Look For When Renting a Car in Dubai?

Touring the land of mesmerizing skyscrapers and natural Floras Dubai, without a car? Do you not find It’s tiring while renting a car in Dubai is quite easy? The majority of people prefer to rent a car for exploring different aspects of this wondrous land. The reason is that renting a car is more affordable than buying a personal car.  And people also like privacy during traveling which is not possible in public transport. 

A lot of well-reputed rental car centers are providing their services around Dubai. They offer all types of cars from the simplest Suzuki to luxurious BMW. You can also find SUV rental Dubai packages, depending on your needs and requirements.

However, there are some protocols to rent a car in Dubai that you must need to know before placing your order. So that you can make the right decision. 

Check Out the Reliability of The Rental Center 

In Dubai, a large number of rental car houses provide their services in almost all parts of the city. And every rental car center claims to be more reliable than the others. Therefore, it’s quite hard to differentiate between the authentic and scammers. However, you can check the credibility and serving a period of a rental center by clicking on their website. The reason is that an authentic and registered rental car center must comprise a digital platform or website. 

It’s an effective way to check the real face of a company because it shows customers’ reviews and feedback. You can also check their rules and regulations through their website. Moreover, you can also check their services and price range for different types of cars. And can place your order to rent a car from any location. 

Keep Your Documents in Hand 

All the car rental centers in Dubai asked for some essential documents to check the credibility of the renters before signing the final deal. And missing a single document can cancel your contract and you even can’t appeal for the return of your money. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep all your documents in hand while dealing with the rental car center. These essential documents include 

  • Valid passport, Visa, and traveling card
  • Driving license of UAE for Dubai residents 
  • International driving license for tourists 
  • National identity card
  • Valid proof of Income and residential area
  • Details of an auto insurance company 

To avoid any trouble make sure to keep all the documents with you and don’t forget to check the expiry date of your documents.

Inspection of The Car 

Checking the car thoroughly before finalizing the deal is the most crucial factor that helps you to avoid the upcoming problem. Most people ignore this factor and completely rely on the service center which can lead to serious consequences.

Therefore, make sure to inspect your car’s interior and exterior deeply before signing the contract. Keenly check the braking system and tires of the car to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones. Ensure that the seat belts and air blades are present and in the right working condition. 

Inspect the car from all sides carefully and point out all the scratches or damages present on any part of the car. It will rescue you to pay for undone damages. Don’t forget to check the windows, other mirrors, and headlights of the car.

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Limitations to Use A Rental Car 

All the car rental services in the United Arab Emirates have some terms and conditions which are strictly applicable to all the customers. These terms or limitations include:

  • For renting a car in Dubai the minimum age limit is 20-25
  • Rental cars are not allowed to go outside of the city
  • All the renters are bound to pay for all types of ages 
  • It’s compulsory to return the car on the due date to avoid heavy fines
  • Driving in the drunk  condition is against the traffic rules and costs heavy penalties 
  • You can’t use a rental car for trading purposes 
  • It strictly bans to use of a rental car for any illegal purpose 
  • Rental cars are not allowed to participate in supports activities 

Before applying for renting a car make sure you are eligible to apply and willing to fulfill all the requirements of the rental car houses. 

A Final Word 

Renting a car in Dubai is not difficult and you can easily get a car on your doorstep. There are many car rental agencies, such as One Click Drive that offers an array of vehicles for those seeking car rental options. Choose from one of them and enjoy a luxurious drive.

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