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How to Cope With Benzo Belly

How to Cope With Benzo Belly: North Carolina Drug Rehab Experts Answer

People who stop using benzo often experience what is called “benzo belly.” This signifies a set of stomach issues that arise when the body is deprived of benzodiazepine on which it has become dependent.

Benzos are prescription drugs with the potential to create an addiction. People often misuse this drug and continue to take it beyond prescription. This makes them an addict.

According to the medical team at the North Carolina drug rehab center, benzo belly happens because these prescription drugs affect almost all cells of the body, including cells of the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract).

Causes of benzo belly

When your body develops benzo dependence, it finds it hard to survive without benzo. When you stop using the drug, the body must now adjust to survive. It adapts to living without the drug in the system. The process of adjusting leads to discomfort in the stomach.

Benzo belly continues for several weeks after you take the last dose. In some people, it continues for a year.

Benzos are notorious for creating long-term post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). It is good to take help from rehab specialists while going off benzos. Rehab teams consist of medical professionals who can assist you in coping with benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms like benzo belly.

Symptoms of benzo belly

Alternating constipation and diarrhea are some of the symptoms of benzo belly.

The condition may become worse when you take certain foods, while some foods may help to ease symptoms. This varies in people.

Other symptoms include:

  • Change in appetite
  • Lower abdominal discomfort
  • Pain in the abdomen

Cure for benzo belly

There isn’t a cure for benzo belly. You must cope with it. Be patient and wait till it goes away because it does, say rehab doctors.

How being in a rehab program helps

It is good to be under the supervision of doctors in in-patient rehab. They can prescribe you appropriate medication to ease the stomach discomfort.

To find a good rehab center in your area, search “rehab near me”.

Reputable rehabs also feature dieticians who help patients eat nutritious meals to combat deficiencies that often arise due to addiction. The dieticians can help you choose foods that are helpful to your troubled stomach.

The sobriety environment that you get in a rehab plays a significant role in helping you go off drugs. This new atmosphere ushers in a breeze of change in your life. You are motivated to continue your rehab journey until you are completely recovered.

Withdrawing from benzo demands patience

One of the commonest and safest ways to withdraw from benzo is to slowly taper off the dose. Stopping cold turkey is a dangerous way.

The rehab team helps you maintain patience and resilience to go through the whole withdrawal process. It is teamwork. Call hotline for addiction to enroll for rehab.

It may take months before you are completely free of the addiction. Some people get cravings even after the program is over. But by now, you are too strong to succumb to a craving.

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