Using Influencers to Bolster Instagram Marketing for Businesses

With two million users and counting, Instagram has risen through the ranks to become one of the most popular social media sites on the planet. It stands to reason that businesses would see certain advantages in using this outlet in their marketing efforts. After all, Instagram has a diverse range of users. That means businesses can reach various members of their target audiences in different ways. Reports show that Instagram also has a significant influence on people, noting that the site sways purchasing decisions for more than 70 percent of users.

Adding Influencers to the Marketing Mix

Simply seeing a company appear on Instagram can influence consumers by increasing brand awareness and recognition. Strategically placed posts can attract consumers’ interest and entice them to further investigate brands and products. Studies show that adding Instagram influencers to the mix can take marketing to new levels. Companies like help businesses use influencers to bolster their Instagram marketing strategies. In the meantime, consider a couple of reasons this route is so effective.

Reaching More Prospects

People turn to Instagram to look for all types of products and services. In truth, they may not even be looking for those things while perusing Instagram. They could simply be following posts that are relevant to their interests and stumble across pertinent brands in the process. Users can even see content that’s curated specifically to their preferences.

If a company’s posts happen to fall into that category for various users, those users could be exposed to the posts. In turn, the posts might generate more interest, encouraging users to follow them to the company’s website. That type of organic lead generation is extremely effective for making conversions. When influencers are involved, consumers are even more likely to take interest in a brand. 

Making Personal Connections with Prospects

Customer relationships are essential for today’s businesses. With so many companies competing in various markets, it’s difficult for businesses to win consumers’ trust and convince them they’re the ones who can best meet their needs. Many consumers aren’t interested in blatant marketing and advertising tactics, so they may intentionally ignore certain types of ads. 

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If a post involves an influencer, that could be the key to gaining prospects’ attention. Whether it’s a celebrity or someone who is considered an expert in a specific field, an influencer can help make a company’s posts stand out. At the same time, getting an influencer involved can help forge relationships with prospects and customers to further build trust and credibility.

Influencing the Public through Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing has been found extremely effective for businesses. Using influencers can boost the effectiveness of a business’s marketing efforts by further impacting prospects. For maximum effectiveness, companies should find influencers who mesh with their brands and products or services. Those who have sizable followings of their own can also have a more profound impact on the public. With the right measures in place, influencers can help companies reach more prospects, make more personal connections with people and, ultimately, make more conversions.

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