Best Industrial Equipment Aftermarket Service Software

Industrial equipment aftermarket service software can be used to track the entire life cycle of a product, from manufacturing to after-sales service. The software helps to keep track of all information related to the product, including the exact part number, price and description, and much more. It is important for Field Service operations to have unique product information, and a good product database is essential for Field Service operations.


EBMS industrial equipment aftermarket service software provides a comprehensive, integrated solution to manage your entire business. From purchasing and inventory to sales and rental management, EBMS enables all departments to operate in unison. It includes modules to interact with vendor catalogs and serialized item specifications. You can also track inventory counts, manage rentals and assign parts to work orders.

The software’s powerful job costing module allows you to track and analyze large projects. It can also manage service contracts and manufacturing batches. It also helps you to manage employee compensation, including payroll taxes and tips and commissions. It also supports a variety of profit reports that can be exported, printed, and formatted.


Fieldpoint industrial equipment aftermarket service software helps you manage and grow your service business. Its built-in quoting system makes giving quotes easy and turns them into work orders quickly. It also helps you manage inventory and track sales orders while providing real-time inventory controls. Moreover, it can be configured to apply special customer pricing and automatically email quotations.

Fieldpoint helps you track and monitor your customer’s assets and records service history. This helps you better serve your customers. Moreover, it records where the equipment is located and when it was serviced. This way, you can optimize your service delivery by ensuring technicians are not crossing a large territory, wasting their time.


Syncron’s industrial equipment aftermarket service software helps manufacturers better manage rotable planning, reducing the risk of overstocking and reducing manual effort. The solution optimizes the rotable pool by taking into account repair lead times, supplier lead times, and scrap rates. Syncron is especially useful for oil and gas companies that typically carry large inventories of service parts in the field. Moreover, oil and gas companies are often faced with aging equipment and must ensure that their parts inventory is always up to date and always ready to ship.

Syncron allows manufacturers to predict demand by analyzing the service history and locations of each piece of equipment. This way, they can reduce the number of parts they need and stock them in the most convenient locations. This helps companies improve customer experience, revenue, and profit margins. Moreover, Syncron helps companies leverage the growing emergence of IoT-enabled and smart parts.

AutoPIM Pro

The AutoPIM Pro industrial equipment aftermarket service application offers comprehensive PIM functionality and a full suite of industry-standard database connectors. This powerful industrial equipment service software enables the seamless sharing of rich product content across the entire supply chain. Its industry-leading knowledge experts are ready to help you with any questions you may have.

Its robust functionality also allows you to add specialized utilities to profile your trading partners. The software also supports ACES-formatted catalogs and is capable of producing enriched catalog content.

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Regardless of whether you’re a maintenance team or a service company, BlueFolder’s industrial equipment aftermarket service software can help you streamline your processes. This software helps you manage and schedule preventive maintenance, track serial numbers and warranties, and create and manage work orders. It also provides customizable reports, so you can forecast your parts and maintenance needs.

BlueFolder’s flexible features allow you to create workflows that streamline customer management. For example, you can organize customer information by job type, allowing you to better service customers and ensure that you never miss an invoice. Additionally, you can customize the color of work order statuses, set up automatic status changes, and specify which technicians need access to specific parts and equipment. It also supports API integrations for additional convenience.

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